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MARCH 4TH | 7 - 10P ET

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite streamers BATTLE IT OUT in a contest of brains and brawn? During TRIVIA CLASH, three streamers are brought together on one screen for a trivia showdown inspired by the gameshows and videogames we all know and love!

Trivia Clash is planned to be a seasonal event, with the first installment being Spring 2023. Join us on March 4th from 7 - 10p ET to see who will win the first ever Trivia Clash!


For each iteration of TRIVIA CLASH your host, AverageDeku, will bring on three fellow streamers to flex their knowledge and skills.

Click through the slideshow to view the Contestant Cards for the most recent Trivia Clash. Make sure to read all of their info - maybe it'll choose who you root for this time!

Event Detals












TRIVIA CLASH is a 3-hour event, and within that time period you are going to see a lot happen!

The main event will be 3 rounds of JEOPARDY-STYLE TRIVIA. Topics will be focused mostly on videogames, but will also include wide-ranging topics from pop culture, to sports, to the Twitch community as a whole.

In between Trivia, the contestants will be challenged with a total of SIX CLASHES. These are short gaming challenges that they have no time to prepare for. Examples of potential clashes would be playing a track in Mario Kart 8, a race in Mario Maker, or beating the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The FINAL CLASH will be one last trivia challenge where players can bet their points to try to take home a victory!


But that's not all! Some of the trivia spaces aren't questions at all, but actually EVENT SPACES that will trigger special mini-challenges that give the player a chance to win some bonus points!

Each player will also be given of FOUR POWERUPS which can be used to strategically boost their own score or hinder another player. They include:

  • DICE BLOCK | Start a poll in chat to decide whether you win 10k points, lose 10k, or stay the same (impassioned speeches directed at chat are allowed)

  • BOMB | Stun another player, preventing them from answering for 3 turns

  • STAR | Multiplies your points for that question x5 (must be used before question is revealed)

  • FIRE FLOWER | Force another player to answer. If they are incorrect, they lose 10k points (must be used before question is revealed)


Ah, yes, the age-old questions! Deku remembers streaming Stardew Valley and being asked this question on a daily basis. What's the point if you can't win? Well, that may not matter in Stardew, but it's a very valid question in Trivia Clash!

Just like in any trivia gameshow, each contestant will be awarded points when they answer a question correctly. Each category of trivia will have spaces for 5 spots worth 1,000 to 5,000 points, with the questions getting harder as the points increase. To keep the contestants from spamming their buzzer, there will be a 1,000 point penalty for incorrect answers.

Bonus points will be awarded for various other things like winning a clash, completing an event space challenge, etc.

The person with the most points at the end of Trivia Clash is the winner!


How It Works

For those of you who are nerdy tech people like Deku, you might be asking yourself the question..."How does this work?" That is especially be true after you've seen the event and maybe seen some things that you've never seen.

This event involves many overlays and features that update in live time. Much of this is done through Twitch's Guest Star feature, where you can bring a viewer on stream with audio and video (much like a video call). By using OBS's Virtual Camera, guests can share their gameplay as well in live time.

Some elements that update in live time are managed through a Google Sheet that can update live by using a browser source in OBS.

The last element is actually the website you're looking at, which allows me to create pages for the event participants and my mods to keep everything up to date!

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