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Image by Ravi Palwe


Ever since I started streaming on Twitch, I've loved putting together events for my community. It started with Retro Taco Night - a kind of impromptu event where my wife and I ate tons of Taco Bell (it was an inside joke in chat), played retro video games, and answered trivia questions about retro gaming. It was so much fun, but I had no idea how formative it would end up being for my channel and my brand.

There's nothing more fun for me than putting on a fun event that brings people together. Below, you can find a catalogue of some of the events I've planned and executed. Some of them, like the Watch Parties, didn't take a lot of work. Others, like Trivia and Taste Test streams, have been big projects to take on. By far, though, my largest and most influential event has been the High Score Challenge in Mario Maker 2 - make sure to click below to learn more about the competition!

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